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Specialist Cat Groomers

Experts in the grooming of cats.  The only specialist cat groomers in the area.

Cat Shaving

We provide a comprehensive shaving service.


We can do a lion cut, teddy cut or just a simple 'all off'.


The shave prices are from £50 to £65 depending on style and condition of cat.


We offer a full grooming service for both long and shorthaired cats.


A full groom includes mild to medium matt removal,nail trim, de shed and rinseless shampoo.  Please note badly matted cats do not qualify for a maintenance groom.


This service starts from £35 for a short haired cat  to £45 for a longhaired cat.

Wet Bath

We can bathe a cat if required and necessary.  Most cats do not enjoy a bath so we will only bath cats when we consider it to be the best for the animal.


A wet bath is plus £10 to £15 on top of a maintenance groom or shave.

We are located at:


11a Oaks Lane


S5 0TA

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